September 30, October 1 and 2
L'Union (near Toulouse) - Great Halle (10H-18H)
Exhibition Passion China


Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat : 3th exhibition of Contemporary artists in Provence Côte d'Azur
Saint Laurent du Var : Exhibition "Chemin d'Artistes"


Saint-Cyr sur Loire, National exhibition
Saint Jean Cap-Ferrat, 2d Contemporary artists exhibition
Théoule, National exhibition in Port la Galère
Fréjus, 4° national and international convention of painting on porcelain
Cannes, 8th Contemporary art exhibition (Palm beach casino)


Nice, "Espace-Art" exhibition
Vallauris, exhibition
Cannes,  International exhibition of art


Rambouillet , International exhibition


Singapore, Private exhibition
Saumur, National exhibition


Lisbon, International convention



Vermeil medal in  Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat - 2d Contemporary artists exhibition


1° Prize in Cannes -  International exhibition of art


3° prize of the public in Rambouillet -  International exhibition


The modern technique

I use a closed medium called Mx 54, which dries quickly.
I mix it with powder pigments for quite a long time till the mixture becomes homogeneous.
The longer the working up, the nicer the color after cooking.
The mixture can be more or less watered down with citrus fruit essential oil and painted.

The so called American technique

For this technique, the medium is open, i.e it doesn’t dry and it allows the artist to modify the work endlessly to obtain shaded tones, a wonderful gradation in colors.For this technique, the medium is open, i.e it doesn’t dry and it allows the artist to modify the work endlessly to obtain shaded tones, a wonderful gradation in colors.
To do so, I use special brushes. Conversely, the pigments used are the same for all types of paintings on porcelain.

The Scandinavian technique.

The pattern is not only drawing and color : it can also be raised patterns, « tressaillage » -the icy aspect disappearing to let place to the tormented aspect of the material, fibreglass added before the drawing, sand, « magic crystal », iron colors, etc…
In fact the artist’s imagination is boundless. All the products at disposal are used to express it to our greatest delight.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To the above mentioned techniques, I can also add work with gold or platinum as well as the specific one for ceiling lights.
All these techniques require several firings, sometimes up to 5.
It is worth mentioning that all the paintings used comply to the law applied. They are cooked between 860 and 910°C and are so completely compatible with crockery.
All my works are dish-washer safe except those including golden pattern.
All the pieces I make are exclusively hand painted.
They are consequently unique and useless to mention, signed by the artist.

Who am I ?

  After having painted - as an activity of diversification - on several supports (canvas, silk, wood, painted pattern) for many years, I took the option of painting on porcelain, an activity I’ve now been practising with passion for 8 years.
While attending the Painting Academy of Hélène Caputo and Benoist Chapel in Nice, I followed numerous workshops in order to improve from 2002 and this with many famous Masters of this Art.
  • Filipe Pereira,
  • Andréas Knobl,
  • Steven Merlin Hayes,
  • Nancy Benedetti,
  • Susanne Reisser.
All the pieces I create are unique. They deal with different topics, ranging from flowers, landscapes, animals to still lives, etc… on all types of supports such as:
  • plates (whose framing I can also make on a professional level)
  • crockery
  • vases
  • lamp bases
All these pieces can be painted with special patterns on demand.

I am a member of both the Academy of Fine Arts of Provence Côte d’Azur (the French Riviera) and The Porcelain Passion Association.
Painting on Porcelain is a domain of excellence which allows me to express my sensibility: a little bit of dream every day.

My links

There are not many of them, but here are several addresses that I particularly like:

The portal of painted porcelain

The page about porcelain on Wikipedia

The Porcelain Passion Association


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